Handfasting- Performed in a modern way using different coloured ribbons & then placed in a keepsake box which maybe one day your children or even Grandchildren might like to incorporate into a special ceremony. All colours have different meanings.  ​

Candle lighting-  Uniting a couple or them & their parents all joining together as one.Memorial candle for that special person who isn’t present, but is in your heart.    

Sand Ceremony- Intermingling different coloured grains of sand into a bottle or photo frame.Ideal for the joining of families. Once the sand is poured , it can never be separated & poured back into the individual containers and that is how your relationship will be.  “Inseparetable”.  

Rose Ceremony- First gift to each other as Husband & Wife or thank you to your mums.  

Four Elements- Air,Water, Earth & Fire.  ​

Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony- Beautiful romantic Anniversary tradition which can be carried through the whole family.  

Cutting the Bed Sheet- Heaps of Fun.  

Family Medallion- Two families joining together as one. 

 Promise to Partners Children + gift ceremony– Just beautiful. You will need a hankie.​

Wedding Band - Warming or Cleansing
Planting a Tree  
 Jumping the Broomstick
Exchange of Gifts
Wine or Champagne Ceremony
Dove, Butterfly or Balloon Release 

Couples with children sometimes combine their Wedding with a Naming Ceremony, or include the children in one of the symbolic gestures, and this is a lovely way to acknowledge your new family unit.  

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